Book Blogs – Thoughts in Progress

I’ve finally got my cat, Alfie, to stop lying on my typewriter long enough for me to put something down, so I better take the opportunity to write before King Alfie wants his throne back. It’s a stop-start spring outside my window and I’ve just spent longer than I care to admit searching through a list of 1,448 book blogs, trying to create list of bloggers to review my next book, Mika Ito, and here are the things I’ve learned.

1) There is an overwhelming amount of abandoned blogs out there, which is a real shame. Some were up and running for 2-3 years, some for over 10. It’s a hard game, blogging, and some people put their lives into it; curating content, research, reading, drafting, editing, tweaking design, marketing, just to have to walk away.

2) The index of blogs I searched through were listed under ‘Fiction > Thriller book blogs’, although many have a wider focus than just that one genre. But even in this semi-narrowed field you would not believe the amount of blogs that are serious about erotica – Dead serious. My book is not erotica, if it were, my short list of sites to submit my book to would be much longer than it is. It’s interesting that the traditional publishers usually don’t touch much overt erotica, yet it seems to be what the readers want, judging my the amount of blogs covering it.

3) The fantasy genre is a close second in popularity, and again, this isn’t really reflected in the put out of publishers like Penguin, Hachette, Harper Colins, et al. At least, not what I can see.

4) There were many blogs that were just unreadable, yet successful – but who the hell am I to judge? It takes a lot to be successful in any competitive field, so they much be doing something right.

5) Blogging about books look insanely hard. What I do here on my website isn’t really a blog in the same sense. They are covering the multiple genres, finding and reviewing new books, creating conversations, marketing, and all that takes a lot of work.

6) If you’re ever in the market for a book review or a cover quote, never pay for it. That is a golden rule, but there are some blogs charging $499 USD for a review. . .

7) Book reviews by bloggers are nice to have as an author, the added marketing boost is very welcome, but the real audience to win over, in my opinion, are your family and friends. They know you best and will hopefully be honest with you. And I don’t like the idea of a blogger who describes themselves as ‘brutally honest’, like many do. Please be honest without the brutality?

Those were my main takeaway points on book blogs, apart from the fact that, if these blogs are anything to go by, thrillers are not as popular as many might assume. The 1,448 blogs were listed under ‘accepts thriller books’, but very few were interested in thrillers, judging by what they usually review. But the internet is so vast, how would I ever know who to send my book to for a review? There might be a massive pool of thriller-only bloggers hungry for something to review hiding in plain sight. If you’re interested in reviewing my upcoming thriller, Mika Ito, drop me a line and we can talk about it. Until then, I’m going to enjoy this clear evening with some home made plumb wine and lemonade. Take it easy out there. Happy Easter. Ciao.


Thursday, April 14th, 6:52pm.

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