Don’t Tell Anyone

This week has been a memorable one. The summer solstice happened, Paul McCartney headlined Glasto, the build up to Wimbledon began, the England’s lionesses beat the Netherlands 5-1 in a warm up-game for the Euro 2022, and I’ve been wearing shorts all week. Summer is certainly here. I’ll probably remember this week mostly for theContinue reading “Don’t Tell Anyone”

This Week in Words

This week has been full of writing, football and decisions; Wycombe Wanderers lost in the play-off final, Liverpool FC won another trophy in the most boring way possible, and I’ve made the decision that I’ll never pursue a publishing deal again. I have seen the light – self-publishing is the only way I can ensureContinue reading “This Week in Words”

Under New Management

I recently re-acquired the rights to my debut novel, The Shelter, and I’m currently re-editing it (I’ll explain why later), and by the time I’m done it’ll have taken me around 30 hours to re-edit, re-format and list the bugger. Self-publishing is like having homework everyday for the rest of your life. The Shelter wasContinue reading “Under New Management”

Rapid Releasing and Amazon’s Short Reads

We’ll get to ‘Rapid Releasing’ and Short Reads in a moment, but first I have to tell you about the loudest noise I ever heard. It sounded like a shotgun discharging at close range and it made my cat, Mr Mau, bolt from the couch. It happened while I was sitting down, doing nothing atContinue reading “Rapid Releasing and Amazon’s Short Reads”

Why Selling Books Is Hard

The numbers are terrifying. According to R.R Bowker LLC (which issues ISBN numbers used by librarians to track titles), in 2003 there were 300,000 new titles and re-editions published in the US alone. Compare that to 2011, when that number jumped to 3,000,000. Then look at 2019, when, according to Berrett-Koehler Publishers, it jumped againContinue reading “Why Selling Books Is Hard”