This Week in Words

This week has been full of writing, football and decisions; Wycombe Wanderers lost in the play-off final, Liverpool FC won another trophy in the most boring way possible, and I’ve made the decision that I’ll never pursue a publishing deal again. I have seen the light – self-publishing is the only way I can ensure due care is taken when editing and promoting my work, so I’ve drawn a line under ever working with a publisher again.

My old publisher issued another royalty check this week, which triggered more consternation amongst its authors. And looking at the version of The Shelter they published, I can’t believe they let so many formatting and editing issues slip. The re-edit/ clean-up job is taking up all of my time and there seems to be no end it, but I’m glad to be free.

The Shelter’s re-launch will be a low-key affair, and I’ve paired down Mika Ito’s promo strategy to something more manageable. I’ve also pushed the MI launch back from August to September. The last thing I want to do is rush the bugger over the line. I’m also looking for beta readers, are you interested? Get in touch.

In other news, the Mika Ito cover reveal happened (you can find it on last weeks blog post – you are subscribed aren’t you?) and I discovered Chuck Palahniuk’s substack, which I recommend you sign up to, if you’re an aspiring writer. I haven’t read anything else of late, I can’t find a book that inspires me enough to make the time for it. Who’s the next must-read author? I’m sick of reading commercial fiction written by authors who’ve been kicking around for 20-30 years already. Where’s the new blood in the big leagues?

So that’s it. We’re up to date on the important things, so I’ll wrap this up because a new week beckons and I need to get some more of this editing done.

PF & Alfie

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Don’t Tell Anyone

This week has been a memorable one. The summer solstice happened, Paul McCartney headlined Glasto, the build up to Wimbledon began, the England’s lionesses beat the Netherlands 5-1 in a warm up-game for the Euro 2022, and I’ve been wearing shorts all week. Summer is certainly here. I’ll probably remember this week mostly for theContinue reading “Don’t Tell Anyone”

Thank you

I got the print proof of the Author’s Edit of The Shelter from Amazon. Looks good. I need to run through it in detail, and that will be the final sign off before it’s re-publication. Phew. We’re finally there, on the home straight. I can’t say it’s been easy, and I can’t say it’s beenContinue reading “Thank you”

Tears And Tear Gas

Well, I hate to say it, but it was another goalless final for Liverpool FC in the Champions League. I was rooting for them, especially on the back of the treatment their fans endured at the hands of the stadium security, which ensured the LFC fans had to wait patiently for hours in a tightlyContinue reading “Tears And Tear Gas”

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