Mika Ito Cover Reveal

It’s time. Although it might still be a little early, I’ve decided to reveal the cover art for my upcoming book, Mika Ito. The book will land this August, all being well. It’s with the editor as we speak, then it’s off to the typesetter, then to the proofreader, so stay posted for updates (don’t forget to sign up for the blog). Here’s the Mika Ito book blurb:

It’s 2011 and British investigative journalist, Dylan Solly, is in Japan to cover the trial of three infamous Yakuza kingpins, but he has a nagging feeling that something is wrong. This will not be a normal assignment, and today will not be a normal day. So he visits the park to calm his nerves with a stroll, all the while thinking, this day doesn’t feel right… Then collapses in a heap on the grass.

But that’s just the start of his trouble.

Local schoolteacher, Mika Ito, comes to his aid and minutes later a devastating earthquake hits the country, followed by a monstrous Tsunami, resulting in a major nuclear emergency. And now, they have no choice but to flee. They have no choice but to depend on each other. And they have no choice but to develop a relationship that is so dangerous and new it might just destroy them both.

So please let me know what you think about the cover and the blurb. Mika Ito has been over a year in the making; writing, drafting, editing every single day. I hope it’ll be worth all that sacrifice.

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