Tales from the Typewriter

Under New Management

I recently re-acquired the rights to my debut novel, The Shelter, and I’m currently re-editing it (I’ll explain why later), and by the time I’m done it’ll have taken me around 30 hours to re-edit, re-format and list the bugger. Self-publishing is like having homework everyday for the rest of your life. The Shelter wasContinue reading “Under New Management”

An Interesting Thing

An interesting thing has happened. How’s that for a hook? Needs work, but never mind that – something has happened to my debut novel, The Shelter. The publishing rights have reverted back to me less than 12 months after it was first published (and that much be some kind of record). I won’t go intoContinue reading “An Interesting Thing”

Why Selling Books Is Hard

The numbers are terrifying. According to R.R Bowker LLC (which issues ISBN numbers used by librarians to track titles), in 2003 there were 300,000 new titles and re-editions published in the US alone. Compare that to 2011, when that number jumped to 3,000,000. Then look at 2019, when, according to Berrett-Koehler Publishers, it jumped againContinue reading “Why Selling Books Is Hard”

An Idea To Work On

Crank up the machine, it’s time to write again. It’s a sunny April day (Sunday 10th), and war is still raging in Ukraine, Elon Musk has bought 10% of twitter, my nephew Sam turned four years old, Wigan Warriors beat beat Wakefield 36-6 in the Challenge cup, and I’ve had some Mika Ito merch T-ShirtsContinue reading “An Idea To Work On”

Ducks Out of Line

So this might be my first blog post. Written on my Lexmark/ IBM series 2 typewriter, the whole idea is to get words on the page in a kind of journal format. There will be no advice here on how to publish, write, or anything else for that matter. There are too many people offeringContinue reading “Ducks Out of Line”

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